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baby I.

We just want to say thanks to an extra special person!
When you first introduced yourself, we didn't realize how lucky we were to get such a great doula☺
You treated us like we were as important as your family members. You truly care for your clients for you showed that to us. We appreciate all that you did for us...
As first time parents, you made everything so easy for us; from telling us what we needed for our baby to being a part time teacher and motivational speaker☺☺!! Thanks for the trips you took with us to the hospital!
You are a proof that doulas are just as important as caregivers! If it weren't have you, we don't know how things would have turned out! You did so much more than just take care of us well and its good you chose to be a doula!! My husband and I have a deep respect for what you do and the passion you bring to your work. If we ever need help again, we hope to have someone as great as you helping us.

 Lots of love parents I.  😙



We got a free and volontarely help during the pregnancy time from doula Yolande.

She was helping us with a car from our house to every appointment we had. Because she has an experience with pregnancy she was giving us very helpful advice.

Finally she took us to the delivery hospital and she spent the whole night with us until finally the child was born.

We are new migrants to the Netherlands. Although we had an experience with the pregnancy activities, we found  it here somehow different. Thus to meet people like Yolande is very helpful.  She is sympathetic and helped us acting like a mother.


Yolande crossed my path quite by chance, as if it had to be....I was in the eigth month of my pregnancy when I met her.


Being a single mother by choice it was very nice to get Yolande’s loving care. It felt, like, a little less “lonely”. We had some really good talks, we discussed my birth wishes in depth, and Yolande has given me some wonderful massages. Her massage has been ever so helpful and relaxing for me.  It helped me to concentrate on my body, to relax and it has given me energy. In her work Yolande is clearly guided by her feelings ... she is very loving and she can give you just what you need! 


Yolande is a gentle woman who likes to hear what you need during this wonderful process and she will think along with you to determine how your wishes can come true.


Unfortunately, my delivery did not at all go as originally planned.....instead of a natural water birthing in a half lotus position, I ended up in hospital, and my childbirth became hugely medical.

Together with my mother Yolande was able to support me by giving me a back massage. As I was experiencing a stormy delivery with contraction back pains this felt very good. For me Yolande’s repeating the information was also reassuring.


Knowing that she was also there to take care of my parents during my delivery gave me peace of mind. It allowed me to let go and focus on my delivery and the extremely severe labour pains.


She has also taken pictures and I was given a beautiful birth account. This was very important to me in the period right after R and I had left the hospital for the very reason that my delivery had been so different and violent. I had forgotten most of what had happened and a time line helped me to remember.


Also the icecream you gave me at the hospital a few days after Ravi was born; what a wonderful gesture!!! I really enjoyed that! I also enjoyed the opportunity you gave me to elaborate on how R and I were doing....Your listening ear and your kind words are invaluable!

Dearest Yolande, thank you for your Loving Care!

I wish you and any future parents to have wonderful births! 

Warmest regards, mother Ravi

Thourya Laila

On a Saturday in September I gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Thourya Laila,


doula Yolande has coached me in the final months preceding childbirth. She accompanied me to the midwife, together we made a plan and visualized the desired birth process. Yolande also gave me a massage on a regular basis. We discussed everything I felt uncertain about, both in a physical and an emotional/mental sense. Yolande was like a beacon to me, she was the constant factor during my delivery that took 24 hours and finally resulted in a cesarian section.


The thing I especially liked about Yolande’s support was her sympathy for everything that was of importance to me during my pregnancy and the solutions she came up with. She was a great help to me because she was there for me all the time. Her being there gave me peace of mind and it  enabled me to empower myself. My pregnancy came with many changes, both inside and outside of my body. I experienced new responsibilities and I was worried about the outcome. When I met Yolande my approach was too rational. The second time we met she literally took me by the feet. She started to massage my feet, that were suffering a great deal as a result of my ‘new weight’. Yolande massages from her vision and knowledge of the integral ‘body and mind’ principle and she intuits what is needed. I recovered peace of mind and felt better in my body. I sensed my pregnancy to be not only a physical process, but also a mental preparation for childbirth and the period thereafter. Yolande helped me by talking with me, giving massages and drawing up a birth plan containing among other things my wish for a lotus birth. This way I was guided step by step to ‘the moment of truth’. I also appreciated her accompanying me to the midwife. I clearly remember that the acting midwife - my delivery took place during the summer holidays - wanted to just ‘strip’ me because I was more than a week overdue. However, I managed to remain calm and certain of myself and I declined. The support of my Doula was invaluable; she gave me peace of mind during those trying final weeks. In addition to this  Yolande is a qualified nurse, which has proven to be of surplus value to me during her support as a doula.


I consider a doula to be invaluable during the unstoppable, stormy birth process, especially when giving birth in a medical environment. Looking back my hospital delivery was very difficult. My experience at the time, however, was diffent because of the super relaxed atmosphere in the delivery room. My friends were there and there was music and a pleasant smell. My Doula kept things calm and asked me clear questions about choices to be made. She called for a break when people were bothering me about the right medication and such. She said: "let’s first do a massage". Thus the peace was restored and I was able to slowly recover and realize what was going on. She gave me, a woman in labour, the choice to do what was important to me, also during the moments that I didn’t know my own mind. Therefore my childbirth has been a beautiful experience and I keep fond memories of it! I have a beautiful birth account written by Yolande. It is of great value to me and I am very pleased with it. I would like all women to have a doula present at the birth of their child, because I know what an important and very positive effect this can have. In my case it helped me accept my cesarian and my hospital stay with TL after delivery. 


I thank doula Yolande, who has shown me the value of her profession.

I wish her good luck with her practice.


During our 14 weeks pregnancy we met Yolande. We matched immediately from this very first meeting. Our expectation of a Doula mainly was she should be present as a mental coach. And we would let her do this in her own way and this is what happened.


Yolande gave us from the beginning the feeling in our home of being a loving aunt fully with good advise and recommendations and she was there completely for our benefits. She told us beautiful stories about her experiences as a Doula and coached us during the pregnancy by using meditation, playing musique and giving relaxation massages. We were also very happy she accomponied us to inform ourselves about a hospital birth just in case instead of a homebirth. The whole pregnancy we were in a lovely positive mood and we kept that feeling up to the delivery. 

Thanks to the energy Yolande brought with her, our baby is born is a very serene atmosphere at home

and in a birthpool! 

- parents of Roeltje -


"I consider Yolande like my mother"

I came into contact with Yolande through my girlfriend when I was 7 months pregnant. I have recently been in the Netherlands, which is why it was difficult for me, but luckily I met Yolande. I received physical and mental support from her during my pregnancy, childbirth and after childbirth. I was also regularly massaged by Yolande before and after the delivery. She guided me to the midwife, general practitioner and gynecologist (hospital). She also helped me make a birth plan, preparations, nutrition and pain management. My delivery ended in Caesarean section and she played an important role there. In short, she is like my mother because she is the only one standing next to me. The practice Doula Gaia is a valuable practice in the birth train. Dear Yolande, thank you for everything and we wish you good luck with the practice.

- parents Benhur -

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