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The current rate for a complete doula support programme is 850 euro.

My aim is to make doula support affordable for everyone!

Please mention to me if your situation is specific and will be considered during our first meeting.​

You may ask me also for just birthpreparation or doula-coaching only during birth. 

For additional services 45 euro per hour all exclusive travelling expenses 0,23 euro / km.


Within my network other forms of assistance or coaching are possible. 

I can be your doula around the Utrecht region and maintain a maximum travel distance of 1 hour.

The costs for doula support during pregnancy before birth are covered in part by several health insurances, but only if you have additional health care. You can check this with your own health insurance.


doula support
850 euros
  • first meeting

  • 3 meetings of 2 hour /guidance

  • to  your midwife or gynaecologist

  • 1 relaxing massage of feet or body

  • birthplan

  • coaching during pregnancy by what's'app / email / phone

  • on call 24/7 two weeks before childbirth

  • during childbirth until 2> hours after 

  • taking photos during childbirth

  • meeting after childbirth, 1-2 weeks



Doula support childbirth only

600 euro


  • first meeting

  • 1 meeting for birthplan questions

  • on call 24/7 two weeks before childbirth



Extra services 45 euro / hour

  • information on childbirth

  • maternity course

  • supervised visit to midwife or gynaecologist

  • support during the first 24 hours at home with your baby

  • an extensive birth account

  • storytelling about your childbirth 

  • postpartum doula services

  • Belly Binding during postpartum periode

  • Rebozo closing the bones ceremony


Maternity course 'Relaxed Bevallen' individual 475 euro 


Or, 350 euro for the course of 4 meetings 2 hours or 2 meetings 4 hours with at least 3 couples helps you prepare for the birth of your baby in an informative and practical way. In this course I will learn and practice different birthing techniques as well as all situations about pregnancy and labor. And special focus will be there for the role of your partner throughout the birth. I use the book 'Relaxed Bevallen' (Relaxing during giving birth). This book written in Dutch combines hypnobirthing techniques (Mongan method) with mindfulness.

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