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About Yolande

Who is Yolande?

I have been living together happily with my best friend and husband for more than 40 years. I have two beautiful sons and with the birth of our first granddaughter in 2013 a dream came true. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to have many children.

I have completed the Doula training in Utrecht successfully and for this I also have to thank the beautiful women who were willing to put their trust in me. They are more than happy to share with you their experience with me. For this please check the reviews. ​

I see myself as a woman with a passion for everything I do. I am enterprising, I have ideas, I always see new opportunities and I am creative. I have sculpted my own image  'Gaia'. Gaia symbolizes Mother Earth, she feeds and gives support at the birth of new things. That is why I have chosen ‘Doula Gaia’ as my professional name.


My life and work before I became a doula

From an early age I felt a strong link to women and motherhood. At the start of my career I dreamed of becoming a midwife. Things turned out differently. After having qualified as a pediatric nurse at the WKZ (Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital) and the birth of my eldest son I chose to work as a district nurse. As a district nurse in youth health care I have coached parents-to-be for many years.  My own experience as a mother came in handy when I became  pregnant with my youngest son. My smooth home births with doula support from friends are engraved in my memory. During a world trip to Asia, at the time our children were 6 and 12 years old, I came into contact with midwives in Nepal, who spoke highly of the skills of their Dutch colleagues. This trip has given me precious experience and a love for different cultures.

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