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Course relaxed birth
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“If you change the way you view birth,

the way you birth will change ”



The course Relaxed Childbirth based on Hypnobirthing and Mindfulness is an inspiring course, that is not woolly, but in fact very informative and practical. It comprises Hypnobirthing and Mindfulness techniques. In 4 private lessons you and your partner learn everything there is to know about giving birth in a relaxed manner. You follow this course together with your ‘birth companion’, the person you want to be present during your delivery; your partner, mother, sister or friend.


What to expect from me, your Relaxed Childbirth instructor:

  • Introductory talk by phone or email

  • 4 two-hour meetings at your place

  • The book ‘ik ga Relaxed bevallen’

  • Course material (handouts and home assignments)

  • Mp3s with relaxation exercises and positive affirmations

  • Help in making a birth plan containing your birth wishes.

  • Telephone consultation by appointment in week 38 to hear how you are doing and for the finishing touch.

  • Telephone contact about your birth experience or a maternity visit.


Course items:


  • View delivery as something special and positive

  • Increase your knowledge on childbirth

  • The use of hypnobirthing techniques for a positive delivery

  • Whose support do you want and where do you want to give birth

  • Prevent unnecessary intervention

  • Discussion of restrictive thoughts and fears about childbirth

  • Birth wishes and birth plan

  • Role of your partner during delivery

  • How to handle fierce contractions

  • What if your delivery does not go according to plan

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