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 Doula Gaia


You are most welcome with me, Yolande. 


Are you looking for a professionel doula during your pregnancy and childbirth for the most beautiful experience of your life? Or you want to read more about my other services besides the doula.


As a doula and birth coach, I offer you both physical and emotional support throughout your pregnancy and during the birth of your baby. And will be there álso for your birthcompanion (husband, mother, friend) in your wishes regarding the birth of your child.

I will make an appointment with you at your house or place of your preverence. 

I also give the course cursus Relaxed Bevallen. This course is meant for you and your birth partner. In this course you get information and excercises about hypnobirthing techniques and mindfulness. You become known and trusted with the whole childbirth proces. Read more 

cursus Relaxed Bevallen

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The origin of doula

The word 'doula' is originally ancient Greek and means in that language 'serving woman'. It's most important that your childbirth has the atmosphere of silence, trust and harmony and you are in control of this process. Therefore the birthpartners in the delivery room has to communicate and coöperate together as a team. And it's proved that woman have a better delivery and less medical interventions when she is álso guided and supported by a doula or person she trusts and  is with her as long as needed. 

Over mij

About me

My guidance starts from the moment you need me, which can be from the 14th week. In principle, the agreements are at your home with you or together with your partner. I think it is very important to get to know you so that I can tailor my guidance to your wishes and you know what you can expect from me.


The topics of conversation will come naturally. A lot comes to you during pregnancy, especially if it is your first child. Good preparation has a positive effect on the outcome of the birth at home or in the hospital. You prepare for both situations, a birth almost always starts at home unless you have to give birth in hospital for medical reasons. The most important thing is that you have confidence in yourself and know what you need to go all out for this. I support you and your partner so that you are in control of your birth and can make decisions, even if things go differently.


Relaxation is necessary to make the delivery go more smoothly. J ouw body massage including creation by analgesic agents. During my guidance I can let you experience this and teach your partner at least one massage technique that can be given during the entire delivery.


Two weeks before the due date I am 'on watch' and I am available 24/7 for questions via mail / what's app / telephone and / or I will come to your home. During the entire delivery I will stay as long as the delivery lasts.


Depending on the current situation, I can guide you remotely via skype, facetime or the like, also during birth. I also take precautions in consultation with you. If you have to give birth in hospital, I may not be able to go with you (yet), only if I replace your partner. Even then, remote guidance is possible.

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